FINE at AERA 2016 in Washington, D.C.

We are very pleased to share the outcome of three very successful FINE events at AERA in Washington. The FINE Forum, held on Thursday April 7th, was the flagship event and was attended by 28 students and staff from 11 institutions. The broad theme of the Forum was ‘Mobilizing knowledge and networks to drive education change’. An international panel provided presentations around the theme of the forum, followed by a panel discussion of approximately 40 minutes. Based on the success of the previous forum, the second part of the forum focused on the UnConference session. The goal of the session was to provide participants with an opportunity to shape the content and focus of discussion and to leverage the expertise of those present. A survey was sent to forum attendees in advance of the event, and discussions at the concurrent sessions were centred on five themes. Participants were also asked to come up with a number of action items and/or reflections at the end of the discussion.

  • International Perspectives
  • Reflection & Reflexivity
  • Preparation
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Professional Practice

We had representatives from across the U21 network attend our sessions in the name of international collaboration and networking. A list of attendees can be found below. We encourage those who joined us in Washington to continue to foster the connections they made well into the future.


  • Dr Laura Tuohilampi  and Dr. Rowena Arshad have kindly offered to share their presentations delivered at the FINE events with our growing community. See the attached powerpoint slides:  arshad_fine2016 tuohilampi_fine2016Dr Rowena Arshad,University of Edinburgh – Consideration for promotion/continuation and tenure
  • Professor David Clarke, University of Melbourne – Strategic networking: Creating sustainable international research communities.
  • Dr Laura Tuohilampi,University of Helsinki – Finding mentors, community, and solidarity as faculty member
  • Professor James C. Conroy, University of Glasgow – Being a public academic: Engaging with the community and raising your profile

Finally, we would like to share some photos taken at our various FINE events in Washington.


We look forward to connecting with our FINE members again at next year’s AERA conference in San Antonio, Texas.


The FINE Leadership team






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