Call for Graduate Students: AERA Mentoring Session

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January 27, 2017

This year once again Division D of AERA will offer an opportunity for graduate students to engage in mentoring with established professionals in the field of research (qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods). The two-hour Mentoring Reception will involve discussions with mentors on different topics of interest to graduate students. This year’s topics include (but are not limited to): Getting your research funded; Dissertation Advice; Job Search (Academia, Research Firm, Industry, Government); Publishing and Getting Tenure; Quantitative Research (Measurement, Experimental Design, Policy Analysis); Qualitative Research (Methodology, Ethics, and Validity); Mixed Methodology; and much more! Our session is usually early on in the conference, lasts 2 hours, and includes food and drinks!! If you are a graduate student and member of Division D and interested in attending the reception, please send your Resume/CV and email address to the Mentoring Committee chair, Jennifer Wolgemuth ( BEFORE 17 FEBRUARY 2016. Space is limited so sign up early!



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