Meet our new representative from Lund University: Katarina Blennow

Katarina Blennow Lund copy

Katarina Blennow is a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Educational Sciences at Lund University. Her doctoral project investigates the role of emotion in social science education (Samhällskunskap in Swedish – a school-subject that resembles civics, social studies, citizenship education). The analysis is focusing the relation between emotion, politicization and recognition in the negotiation about the subject in the classroom at four Swedish upper secondary schools where 40-70% of the students have an immigrant background.

Katarina is also involved in a Universitas 21 project in collaboration with University of Nottingham dealing with how English and Swedish schools’ work with new arrivals/refugee/asylum seeking children can be understood, challenged and improved in their respective national and local contexts.

Prior to the position at Lund University, Katarina worked as a teacher of German and Social Science in the south of Sweden.


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