PhD Resources

As many (or all of you) know, getting through a doctoral program is no small task!  See our list of resources below, and check out testimonials from current and former PhD students under the “testimonials” tab…

The AERA GSC passion project identifies graduate students and their work, and provides a space where other research students can connect, provide feedback, and support each other.  Check it out!


If you’d ever like to complete your PhD program, you need a plan!  This awesome website has free templates and forms to help plan your PhD.  Check it out!

Staying focused is necessary but not always easy.  This site will give you a list of tips for staying productive, ranging from creating a positive workspace to making sure you exercise.  This is a quick and helpful read!  And, this is a great visual for focusing in the age of distraction!

Learning to Work” by Virginia Valian is an insightful and amusing read for people who who have a “work problem” or do not work as well as they’d like to.  Definitely worth reading!

Need help forming a research question or developing an approach to searching literature?  This might help.

Ever used Cornell Notes?  Follow these directions to create your own Cornell Notes template on Word.

Trying to get cited?  Read through these tips.

Speaking of citations… need help with citing?  RefME has a citation generator and will save all of your citations when you create a free account!

Read reflections on the process of writing from experts in the field.  The first two sentences will make you want to read more: “As you read the effortless and insightful prose of the luminaries in your discipline, do you ever wonder how they do it?  We certainly have, and as part of the Writing Across Boundaries project, we decided to ask them.”  Click on the link to read more…

Pat Thomson (Professor of Education at The University of Nottingham) has a blog that’s worth checking out for various tips from an expert in the field.

This Academic Phrasebank can help you with wording for your papers or dissertation.